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About the company

DOBIS company has started in 1999. Known for its innovative approach DOBIS provides proven, full featured solutions for risk management and advisory during implementation of controls in IT environment. Its specialization is consulting and supporting services for companies which establish or reorganize IT divisions in order to increase value of the company and to assist in business aims realization. Company is an expert in IT Governance and performs researches of IT organisations models and culture. DOBIS has tools and know-how for benchmarking of IT.

DOBIS has qualified and well-prepared staff. Most of experts obtained intensive experience and possessed well-know international certificates. It operates in European Union with office in Gdansk (Poland).

DOBIS has the unique ability to transform complex business requirements into technologies and real-life business solutions. DOBIS offers solutions for business supporting analyses and governance in IT based on GRC models (Governance, Risk, Compliance) and CGE models (Compliance, Governance, Efficiency). As an innovator DOBIS provides leading edge technology, supports and helps organisations during certification process of their Internet systems, security systems and data protection.

Company board consists of two persons:

  • Tadeusz Kifner - President, Leading Partner in GRC area,
  • Maciej Kifner - Leading Partner in Operations.


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